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Candidate for Coös District 1 State Rep

Bob Baker
for Coös HD 1

Why Running...

About Bob

Bob Baker is a retired lawyer. Prior to retirement he was licensed to practice law before the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and all courts of the states of New Hampshire and Connecticut. He is a veteran who served in the US Air Force as an Air Intelligence Officer during the Vietnam war. He also labored 9 years successfully helping to organize and fight along side the Great North Woods grass roots opposition to the Northern Pass Transmission Project. He has served in his home town of Columbia on both the Planning Board and the Board of Assessment. Bob and his wife Wendy live in Columbia NH. They have four children and 8 grandchildren.

Bob says his retirement has been wonderful. It has included travel adventures, lots of hiking and plenty of relaxation. But the times we are in call for hard work, if not drastic action. We can not afford to sit back and let catastrophe happen without a fight. The Covid-19 virus pandemic is bad enough. It is immediate and devastating to our nation’s health and our national, state and local economies. It is also interrupting our children’s education and socialization with potential long term adverse consequences. On top of the pandemic, global warming and climate change pose an even greater threat that must be urgently dealt with at all levels of government. We each must decide how we can best make a contribution with the time we have left. So Bob has put retirement on the shelf and is taking action. He wants to represent your Great North Woods interests in Concord and make your voices heard--not just on the biggest issues of our times, but on the issues that impact us here in the most beautiful and scenic rural area in all of New England where so many jobs have vanished. He is running as a Democrat with common sense and an attitude that won't quit. Use this page to ask him questions and let him know what is urgently on your mind. Just press the message button at the top of this page and send. He promises to respond to all input and inquiries from residents and taxpayers in Coos County District 1.

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Bob Baker

Speaks with passion!

Bob speaking on the status of the Northern Pass Transmission Line before a meeting of the Kilkenny Democratic Party.

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Why am I running? 

Short Answer: 
"Because I want to do something positive for my neighbors and my grandchildren."

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As a Veteran, Bob Baker has a strong sense of community, integrity and an understanding of the need to dedicate one’s self to public service.

Family Matters

We need to look towards the future for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.  

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Vote for Bob Baker!

Let's Make a Difference!

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Future Generation

Let's do it for them!

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Beauty of the North Country

We need to protect our resources.

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Our lakes

Calm beauty

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Bob and Wendy